Jun 25, 2013
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Another London(-ish) game developer has come out of the woodwork, Essex based Dwight Breley of Coconut Island Apps is just about launch his first game, an iOS platformer-shooter called Blastronaut.

The game looks like a fun arcadey romp. The trailer has a dubstep soundtrack, and the game itself features 32 levels and some pretty graphics. There is also a thrilling story about a young space cadet lost on the moon in the future or something. You have to shoot stuff and the stuff you shoot dies.

The game is launching soon for iPhone, so look out for it on the app store.

Jun 10, 2013
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LCC Games Showcase

This week graduating students from London College for Communication‘s Games Design course will be showcasing their games. The event runs all week (Tuesday to Friday) at LCC’s Nursery Gallery in Elephant and Castle and is free to attend.


The Book of Light from Sam Barker, below, is on show, as well as at least 10 other games from student developers, designers and artists. Check out the full list of games at the LCCGames website.

There are also free drinks if you get there early, so hurry along and check out some of the upcoming talent London has to offer.

May 27, 2013
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Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians

A quick note to let you all know about the release of London Indies regular, Shaz Yousaf’s new game Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians. It’s a puzzle game, as the name implies, and is available for iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

If you’re a London game developer and would like to spread the word about your game on londonindies.com then email me. Bribes not necessary.

May 7, 2013
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Bit of Alright, Wild Rumpus and GameCamp

London has a bunch of treats lined up for you this weekend and next. Treats moulded in the shape of Bit of Alright, Wild Rumpus and GameCamp.


This Friday, May 10th will see Bit of Alright, the games and play non-conference, return to London. From 12 till 5 you can listen to talks, play games, and be part of experimental art pieces. The line up is a great ensemble of local game developers, event organisers, artists, musicians and all the rest. Tickets are currently £32 and available from Eventbrite.

Saturday 11th brings the lively and unquestionable Wild Rumpus to our doorstep. Taking place on the same boat as Bit of Alright (yes lets get out on that river people!) and running from 7 to 11.30, a grand old line up of games, drinks and DJ’s will help you party the night through. Featuring Chipzel (of Super Hexagon soundtrack fame) on the beats, and a selection of games including Samurai Gunn (I absolutely love this game), Nidhogg and the UK debut of Tenya Wanya Teens, from Katamari Damacy developer Keita Takahashi. Tickets are a juicy £10, but get yours in advance to avoid disappointment.

Lastly GameGamp 6 is on the following weekend, Saturday May 18th. This was one of my favourite games events, the past couple years it’s been on. It’s run at London’s South Bank University and is an Unconference. This means there is no set agenda of talks but anyone can turn up and put their name on a board to talk about something they’re interested in. Inevitably it’s a bit of a mixed bag, but there are always some really interesting discussions going on, and because of the format, no one is afraid to speak up and interrupt a dull speaker, or to walk out on a particularly bad one. Tickets are a snappy £10, from Eventbrite.

Apr 22, 2013
Yuji Kosugi
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London Indie Coworking

Working on indie games can often feel like a lonesome feat, and it is easy to miss someone to talk, get feedback from, bounce ideas off or just have a chat about new developments in the industry or life in general.

Enter London Indie Coworking, the way to keep development going while getting out of the house.

When and where?

We meet twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday in the cafe at the Google London Campus, It’s free, they have fast internet and coffee’s good. Officially we meet from 9.00am to 6.00pm, although people rarely show up before 10.15.

The address is 4-5 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX. It’s Close to Old Street, Liverpool and Moorgate stations.

If you haven’t been to the Google Campus before, you’ll need to register for free here (top right corner). Once there tell the porter you’re new and want to go the cafe and enter your code on their display. That’ll give you access to the cafe.

We use a Meetup Page to coordinate easily. It’s best if you sign up there and RSVP if you’re coming. If you can’t find us, post a message there and we’ll find you!

Who can join?

Everyone! Developers, artists, musicians, sound designers, writers… If you’re working in your own game, or want to meet or get involved with people who do, you’re welcome to come.

Does actual work get done?

Yes. Some days are more talky than others, and although some people come just to make contacts or offer their services (which is great!), the big bulk of us come to work on our own stuff with the advantages of having people with the same interests around.

Do I have to bring something?

It’s up to you. Most people bring their laptops to work on their stuff. Others bring a paper prototype. Others bring a sketchbook. Some people just come to meet other people and bring nothing at all.

If you bring your laptop, though, this is important: bring a long cable to charge your battery. There are plenty of plugs around, but you rarely will find a seat close to one.

Feb 28, 2013

Games Question Time

Hot off the heels of Ben Affleck’s recent success, BAFTA are organising a indie games focused question and answer session.


There are a bunch of names you might have heard, all of whom are nominated for this years games BAFTAs, which are held the day after. Mike Bithell, creator of moody box-sim Thomas Was Alone, Jessica Curry who worked on insane-o-regretathon Dear Esther, Barry Meade, from The Room creators Fireproof Games and Dan Connors, CEO of the estimable Telltale Games.

It’s at the Princess Anne Theatre on 4th March, 7pm. Tickets are £5 an I believe include a free drink.

Unfortunately scheduled the same night as our monthly pub meet at the Crown, but this may well be more educational than that. Make your choices and stick with them, ladies and gents!

Jan 8, 2013
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Ouya: Devs vs Fans

With everyone being excited about the Ouya a meet and greet has been organised for Thursday 24 January at the Skills Matter eXchange. It’s for people to talk about the Ouya and and touch some of the devkits that were recently sent out. Potential Ouya devs come along and find out more, devs who already have Ouyas can come and show off their games in progress, or just talk to other developers. The public (yes them) are also invited to prod at things and kick the tires on the whole scene.


There will be a Q&A session from Ouya team member Al Sutton. He will answer all your questions, plus some you didn’t even think of, and I heard he also has some great shellfish recipes he wants to share if there aren’t enough questions. All this and more!

I will be in attendance, possibly with a game-in-progress. I’m sure there will be plenty of other London Indie types turning up too. So go register now (you also need to register at the Sklls Matter website), and come along.

Nov 20, 2012
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Super Meat Boy Galaxy

Our favourite London Indie, Aubrey Hesselgren is trying to do a worthwhile thing and raise money for anti-suicide God-squad The Samaritans.

Donate some money to go to needy people and you can get your hands on the fantastic Super Meat Boy Galaxy. All the fun of a dodgy 3d camera combined with the endlessly easy going nature of a bitter, hate-the-player indie 2D platformer.

No but seriously, this is a good game, you’d love to play it.

You may also be interested to know that SMBG is currently installed on The Beast and if you go to the London Hackspace you may be able to play it there. I actually have not checked up on The Beast in a few months so I cannot guarantee this, but it certainly was true last time I was there.

Oct 2, 2012
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Code Club

You may have heard of Code Club, but if not you should hear about it now!

Code Club is an volunteer-run after school club, teaching kids how to program using games and the Scratch visual programming language. They already run over 250 programs around the country and want to get even more people involved so even more kids can have a Code Club at their school.

They are running two short courses for adults who want to volunteer; you can learn Scratch, and get some tips on how to get involved running or helping out at a Code Club at your local primary school. There will be a Q&A with co-founder Clare Sutcliffe and a Scratch workshop.

I think it’s a brilliant idea to get more children interested in programming and technology. If you know a little bit of programming and want to help out doing it for the kids then get yourself along.

More details are at their website.

Sep 25, 2012
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Wild Rumpus #3

It’s that time again! Wild Rumpus Time! Yeah!


Our favourite indie games club night returns to London after its visits to LA and Nottingham. This one is bigger and better than ever before, hosted at Cargo, just off Kingsland Road, and costing a mere £5 for a beautiful ticket. It’s this Thursday too, the 27th September.

The line up this time brings some old favourites together with some new delights:

  • Megagirp – Girp on steroids, 4 dance mats stuck together with magic glue courtesy of Douglas Wilson and Bennet Foddy.
  • Swordfight – Have you ever wanted to strap an Atari joystick to your crotch and (actually I don’t know what you do in this game). From Kurt Bleg and Ramsay Nesser (and Gareth Biggs for the Atari strapons).
  • Uprok – Five players, one foot pedal each. A kind of minimalist multiplayer Tiny Wings. Made by yours truly, Joe Bain.
  • Barabariball – A retro futuristic Super Smash Bros. meets volleyball from Noah Sasso.
  • Komendium – A collection of obtuse and delightful 2-player mini-games from Michael Brough.
  • Super Hexagon Tournament – Normal amazing insane addictive reaction rape Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh but with a winner takes all tournament stickered on.
  • Cumulo Nimblers – Bounce on clouds and collect coins. Apparently. Sounds ace. By Farbs and John Martz.
  • Recurse – A webcammy sound-reacty something-thing. It looks tres interesting. By Matt Parker, Colin Snyder and Ithai Benjamin.

So yeah, loads and loads. You should go, I’ll be there, that other guy, the cool one, he’ll be there, so will everyone else. Go get a ticket.