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Jul 13, 2016
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BFF or Die Kickstarter

Shaz Yousaf, one of our favourite local game devs, who you may remember from previous games featured on this blog, is back. This time with a new project, BFF or Die, which has just launched on Kickstarter. It’s described as “an award winning tactical-action-puzzler for up to 4 players”. I’ve played it; it’s a great game and lot’s of fun with friends – the perfect sofa game. Check out the video below, particularly the player reactions at 2:38, which are priceless, and totally genuine.

Check out the kickstarter now, and give a fellow indie a helping hand.

Jan 21, 2014
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Outerlands: The People & Culture of Videogames

Area 5 is a film production company behind documentaries on Street Fighter and The Last of Us. With their origins online in The 1-Up Show they’ve now taken to Kickstarter to launch Outerlands, a documentary on the people, places, events and history of videogames. Outerlands will be a TV series style documentary with 6 hour long episodes, each one covering a different topic, from video game preservation to modern e-sports competitions. Attentive viewers can also spot some shots of London’s own Wild Rumpus in the Kickstarter trailer, from the big bash at 2012’s GDC.

Area 5 want to raise $210,000 and are already almost half way there with 24 days left to go. Get on over and support some good internet TV!