Apr 29, 2017
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Ownage.io – Blockchain Game Jam

Chain-gang block jam? No! Ownage.io are running a 1 day game jam / hackathon at their offices in Shoreditch. They’re asking devs to experiment with their bitcoin-like item selling / buying / ownership technology, and offering £250 worth of prizes.


Blockchain based currencies have been all over the news in the last few years. I bought my first bitcoins the other day after they installed a vending machine in Loading Bar, and whilst I’m not rich yet, I have been told I could be one day. It’s really interesting to see this tech get applied outside of plan-old money. There are already a few games on the horizon using similar ideas, such as Spells of Genesis which is a card battling game using blockchain to allow users to trade and sell cards.

The event takes place May 20th and is open to anyone and you can sign up at their meetup page.

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