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Nov 19, 2015
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INTEL Buzz Workshop

INTEL are organising a day of talks, workshops, and a game showcase on the 8th December at Impact Hub in Westminister.


It sounds like an interesting event, with some good speakers, including our own Game Jam patriarch Gorm Lai, Intel gurus Leigh Davies and Costas Stylianou and ligbdx dev Tom Wojciechowski. If you want to show off your game you can submit it to their developer showcase, and otherwise you can turn up and (probably) get lots of very useful advice about cache misses, thread context switches and other technical sounding CPU stuff. I’m hoping for the announcement of some fancy new x86 instructions – like the rumoured MNCRFT – a single CPU instruction which creates and boots a Minecraft clone.

The event is free but if you plan to go you should register. All the details are on the INTEL Buzz Workshop site.