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Apr 22, 2013
Yuji Kosugi
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London Indie Coworking

Working on indie games can often feel like a lonesome feat, and it is easy to miss someone to talk, get feedback from, bounce ideas off or just have a chat about new developments in the industry or life in general.

Enter London Indie Coworking, the way to keep development going while getting out of the house.

When and where?

We meet twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday in the cafe at the Google London Campus, It’s free, they have fast internet and coffee’s good. Officially we meet from 9.00am to 6.00pm, although people rarely show up before 10.15.

The address is 4-5 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX. It’s Close to Old Street, Liverpool and Moorgate stations.

If you haven’t been to the Google Campus before, you’ll need to register for free here (top right corner). Once there tell the porter you’re new and want to go the cafe and enter your code on their display. That’ll give you access to the cafe.

We use a Meetup Page to coordinate easily. It’s best if you sign up there and RSVP if you’re coming. If you can’t find us, post a message there and we’ll find you!

Who can join?

Everyone! Developers, artists, musicians, sound designers, writers… If you’re working in your own game, or want to meet or get involved with people who do, you’re welcome to come.

Does actual work get done?

Yes. Some days are more talky than others, and although some people come just to make contacts or offer their services (which is great!), the big bulk of us come to work on our own stuff with the advantages of having people with the same interests around.

Do I have to bring something?

It’s up to you. Most people bring their laptops to work on their stuff. Others bring a paper prototype. Others bring a sketchbook. Some people just come to meet other people and bring nothing at all.

If you bring your laptop, though, this is important: bring a long cable to charge your battery. There are plenty of plugs around, but you rarely will find a seat close to one.