Feb 28, 2013

Games Question Time

Hot off the heels of Ben Affleck’s recent success, BAFTA are organising a indie games focused question and answer session.


There are a bunch of names you might have heard, all of whom are nominated for this years games BAFTAs, which are held the day after. Mike Bithell, creator of moody box-sim Thomas Was Alone, Jessica Curry who worked on insane-o-regretathon Dear Esther, Barry Meade, from The Room creators Fireproof Games and Dan Connors, CEO of the estimable Telltale Games.

It’s at the Princess Anne Theatre on 4th March, 7pm. Tickets are £5 an I believe include a free drink.

Unfortunately scheduled the same night as our monthly pub meet at the Crown, but this may well be more educational than that. Make your choices and stick with them, ladies and gents!