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Jan 8, 2013
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Ouya: Devs vs Fans

With everyone being excited about the Ouya a meet and greet has been organised for Thursday 24 January at the Skills Matter eXchange. It’s for people to talk about the Ouya and and touch some of the devkits that were recently sent out. Potential Ouya devs come along and find out more, devs who already have Ouyas can come and show off their games in progress, or just talk to other developers. The public (yes them) are also invited to prod at things and kick the tires on the whole scene.


There will be a Q&A session from Ouya team member Al Sutton. He will answer all your questions, plus some you didn’t even think of, and I heard he also has some great shellfish recipes he wants to share if there aren’t enough questions. All this and more!

I will be in attendance, possibly with a game-in-progress. I’m sure there will be plenty of other London Indie types turning up too. So go register now (you also need to register at the Sklls Matter website), and come along.