Sep 25, 2012
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Wild Rumpus #3

It’s that time again! Wild Rumpus Time! Yeah!


Our favourite indie games club night returns to London after its visits to LA and Nottingham. This one is bigger and better than ever before, hosted at Cargo, just off Kingsland Road, and costing a mere £5 for a beautiful ticket. It’s this Thursday too, the 27th September.

The line up this time brings some old favourites together with some new delights:

  • Megagirp – Girp on steroids, 4 dance mats stuck together with magic glue courtesy of Douglas Wilson and Bennet Foddy.
  • Swordfight – Have you ever wanted to strap an Atari joystick to your crotch and (actually I don’t know what you do in this game). From Kurt Bleg and Ramsay Nesser (and Gareth Biggs for the Atari strapons).
  • Uprok – Five players, one foot pedal each. A kind of minimalist multiplayer Tiny Wings. Made by yours truly, Joe Bain.
  • Barabariball – A retro futuristic Super Smash Bros. meets volleyball from Noah Sasso.
  • Komendium – A collection of obtuse and delightful 2-player mini-games from Michael Brough.
  • Super Hexagon Tournament – Normal amazing insane addictive reaction rape Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh but with a winner takes all tournament stickered on.
  • Cumulo Nimblers – Bounce on clouds and collect coins. Apparently. Sounds ace. By Farbs and John Martz.
  • Recurse – A webcammy sound-reacty something-thing. It looks tres interesting. By Matt Parker, Colin Snyder and Ithai Benjamin.

So yeah, loads and loads. You should go, I’ll be there, that other guy, the cool one, he’ll be there, so will everyone else. Go get a ticket.

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